High Holy Days 5781 (2021)

Due to Covid-19 and the Delta Variance, High Holiday Services will be held on Zoom.

An Alternative High Holy Day observance, blending joy and meaning, ancient and modern Jewish wisdom, traditional and creative prayer.

P’nai Or High Holiday Services will be led by Rabbi Lev Friedman.

Lev Friedman was ordained in 2018 by the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College in Newton, MA. He has served in a rabbinic role for almost forty years. Under the mentorship of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, zt”l, he founded B’nai Or Religious Fellowship of Boston in 1982. Reb Zalman empowered him as Maggid, Rabbinic Pastor and Cantor in 1990. Lev was the spiritual leader of B’nai Or, a Jewish Renewal community, from 1982-1996. He may be the only rabbinical student to lead a congregation prior to receiving ordination! During his tenure in this position he helped many Jews find a way back to their traditions in a contemporary and meaningful way. 

As part of his rabbinic training, Lev wrote Shabbat as a Mystical/Spiritual Practice Through Selected Teachings of the Netivot Shalom for his Capstone.He translated portions of the Hasidic Master’s writings on Shabbat and reflects on them through the eyes of a modern seeker. His hope is that these teachings and reflections will inspire others to deepen their own Shabbat and other Jewish practices.

Lev is a seasoned service leader and enthusiastic teacher who brings life experience, knowledge and wisdom along with beautiful music, meditation, and the teachings of his teachers, Rabbis Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, zt”l, Arthur Green, Sharon Cohen-Anisfeld, Ebn Leader, and Nehemia Polen, to name a few, to the Jewish community. He has a warm voice and a subtle, sensitive way of playing guitar that helps bring congregations into the music. Lev believes that everyone is a singer and works wonders with willing participants to create community through music. He weaves prayer, kavvanot (teachings and intentionality about prayer) and stories that enliven and deepen the worship experience. He also believes in what Reb Zalman called “Producer Judaism,” meaning that it is up to the community to create the prayer/spiritual experience along with the Shaliach Tzibur, the community prayer leader.

He was the owner of Kolbo Fine Judaica in Brookline for almost thirty years until 2011. Lev is also a singer-songwriter and skilled finger-style guitarist. His CD, Breathing Still, is a collection of original songs. He and his wife Joyce live in Newton and have three daughters, three sons-in-law and as of this writing two beautiful grandchildren.

High Holidays are free for all who are 30 and under!

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Due to Covid-19 and the Delta Variance, High Holiday Services will be held on Zoom.

Rosh Hashanah

Monday, September 6, 2021ROSH HASHANAH EVEErev (Evening) Rosh Hashanah
We’ll Gather at 6:15 and start Promptly at 6:30PM
Tuesday, September 7, 2021ROSH HASHANAH 1st DAYFirst Day of Rosh Hashanah 9:00 – 9:45 AM Quiet Meditation 10 AM – 1PM Prayer Service, Torah Service at 11 1PM Kiddush with Challah, Apples, Honey and Schmoozing
Wednesday, September 8, 2021ROSH HASHANAH 2nd DAYSecond Day of Rosh Hashanah 10AM – 1PM   A walk at the Reservoir to discuss the Torah portion, reflect on and share about Rosh Hashanah themes,
and observe tashlich (casting away our mistakes).
Meet at the main parking lot of the reservoir on Farmington Ave in West Hartford with comfortable shoes, water,
a blanket or other portable seat, and snacks or lunch (as you wish).

Yom Kippur

Wednesday, September 15, 2021KOL NIDREYom Kippur: Kol Nidre
We’ll Gather at 6:15 and start Promptly at 6:30PM
Thursday, September 16, 2021YOM KIPPURYom Kippur 9 AM – 9:45 Quiet Meditation 10 AM – 2 PM Prayer Service, Torah Service at 12 It is a powerful experience to both begin and end the day in community prayer, so we invite you to return for the closing services. Home hospitality for afternoon rest is available for those traveling from out of town, or, explore the nature trails at Westmoor Park near the church. 4:30 PM – 5:30 Pm Minhah, Afternoon Services 5:30 PM – Sundown Neilah, Closing Services Followed by a pescetarian (vegetarian and Kosher Style fish) potluck Break-Fast.

*Overnight hospitality available for those traveling long distances:

 Contact Mark at: mark.s.feldman@icloud.com to request or offer.