Our Worship Leaders

Jewish Renewal Rabbis and Worship Leader

Mashpiah Ruchanit Rayzl Feuer

Rayzl is an ordained Mashpia Ruchani, a spiritual ordained leader trained by Aleph to lead Jewish Renewal services, and leads our High Holiday services. For many years, Rayzl has led services at P'nai ShOre in Southern Connecticut. She teaches "Religions of the West (Abrahmic Religions): Judaism" at The One Spirit Learning Alliance and Interfaith Seminary.  Rayzl leads prayer services with heartwarming feelings creating profound meaning in each moment.

Andrea Cohen-Kiener

Rabbi Andrea was ordained as a rabbi and spiritual guide in 1999 by ALEPH: The Alliance for Jewish Renewal.  She has undergraduate degrees in Hebrew Literature and Secondary Education from the University of Minnesota.  Andrea is a graduate of the Kol Zimrah Chant Leadership training and is a certified facilitator in Compassionate Listening.  Rabbi Andrea is the founding rabbi of P'nai Or of West Hartford. She now has a pulpit in Greenfield, MA and also leads our services most first Saturdays of the month.  Reb Andrea weaves a tapestry of songs and inner journeys when she is with us.


Riqi Kosovske

Rabbi Riqi is our special guest rabbi who has a pulpit in Northampton where she is the rabbi at Beit Ahavah synagogue. A reform ordinated rabbi, she is now part of the Jewish Renewal movement. Prior to rabbinical school, Rabbi Riqi received an MFA in Writing and Consciousness. Her interests include feminism, ecology, artistic expression, and social justice.


Services are held at Flagg Road Church, 134 Flagg Road, West Hartford, CT 06117