Calendar 5778  (2017-2018)

Holidays and Shabbat Morning Services

Monday, October 9                        Time 6:00 PM             Sukkot

Jennifer and Richard's Home: RSVP to 
Celebrate Sukkot with a festive pescetarian (vegetarian and kosher style fish) pot luck dinner at with singing and conversation at a congregant’s home to be announced.  RSVP and find out where: 

Saturday, December 16                6:15 PM             Chanukah
Andrea & Chuck’s Home - RSVP to
Bring your chanukiot, candles, and a festive pescetarian (vegetarian and kosher style fish) potluck dish. We'll light candles, sing songs, eat latkes, and have fun!  

Wednesday, February 28             7:00 PM             Purim
Join the fun playing around with the story of Esther. Our custom is to have groups, families or individuals sign up to tell a chapter or more of the Purim story.

Saturday, May 19                          7:30 PM             Shavuot

Janet's Home - RSVP to 

Shabbat Morning Services

P’nai Or holds Shabbat Morning Services the first Saturday of each month at 10 AM at the Flagg Road Church: 
September 9 – Mashpia Rayzl Feuer
October 7 – Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener
November 4 - Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener
December 2 – Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener
January 6 – Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener
February 3 – Rabbi Riqi Kosovske
March 3 – Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener
April 7 – Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener
May 5 – Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener
June 2 – Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener


Services are held at Flagg Road Church, 134 Flagg Road, West Hartford, CT 06117